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Welcome to RONINEdge 25 years in the making.

Introducing our ultimate market research tool for business professionals and opinion leaders. RONINEdge is our internal participant database, specifically designed to meet the needs of the modern market researcher. At RONIN, we understand that market research isn't just about data and information - it's about people and we get people. With a database of validated and verified professionals, you can trust that you are getting accurate, reliable and authentic data.

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Welcome to RONIN Edge

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RONINEdge provides scale with our powerful database of professionals for qualitative and quantitative market research

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We offer truly end-to-end data collection services, from screener development and recruitment through to final deliverables, including in-house scripting, sample sourcing and list building, translation, moderation, transcription, coding, and table. We can also work with your survey links or if you need to hear directly from experts, we’ll simply set up IDIs directly with our participants. Most importantly due to our internal processes we reduce respondent fraud within your data.



RONIN International has over 25 years’ experience as a leading data collection agency. Our focus is on people. Whether you're a business looking to expand your market or an academic conducting research, don't settle for limited data, choose RONINEdge verified professionals for your next market research project.

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About Us
About Us

RONIN International has over 25 years’ experience as a leading data collection agency. Our focus is on people, we get people. Finding the right stakeholders—real people—in a language they speak and at a time that suits them.

Who we Are
Who we Are

Boasting a 25-strong multilingual digital outreach department operating 24/7 Internationally, we are the go-to agency for multichannel data collection.


We’re Insights Association members, Corporate Members of ESOMAR, and Company Partners of the UK Market Research Society (MRS) and have an in-house Data Protection Officer to assist our teams with any data protection or compliance questions that projects may throw our way.


From local legislation to GDPR, we take care of the detail.